Caring for my Steiff Teddy Bears

Your Steiff bears should be friends for life, bringing with them joy and a comforting face to make you smile however you are feeling. Although just like us, each bear will need the right amount of love and care to make sure that it does stay with you forever. Here at Willow Tree Bears, we love our Steiff bears just as much as you will, so have devised this helpful guide to follow when your bear is in need of some TLC.

General Washing

No matter where your treasured bear sits and spends its days, dust and dirt may become attached to the soft mohair and alpaca fur. Being gentle is a must with any precious Steiff product and a simple, caring wipe with a damp cloth should provide an effective clean.

However if this isn’t working, we would recommend using a detergent that is suited to delicate materials such as silk or wool. Again, be gentle and follow these simple steps:

How to provide a more thorough clean

1.    To easily remove any surface dirt and/or dust, give your bear a shake like you would to extract dirt from many other items – but use your common sense, you don’t want to harm the bear so be careful.
2.    Create your cleaning solution made up of about one small cup of warm water and a tablespoon of the delicate detergent.
3.    Dampen rather than soak your washcloth with the solution and wash your bear from the bottom up, constantly changing the area on the washcloth as it may quickly become dirty.
4.    Use a second, clean washcloth to wipe free any extra loose dirt or cleaning solution that may be lingering on the fur.
5.    Allow your bear to dry naturally and then brush through and fluff up like you would each day.

Avoid washing machines Bath and cleaning too regularly but by all means give your favourite friend a daily comb and make sure to keep them in a place where dirt or sticky fingers are unlikely to reach. By following these caring tips for your Steiff bears, they will be sure to be looking as beautiful as they ever have. For any information on caring, or to find a new bear, take a look at our range that has something for anyone. Classic Steiff Teddy Bears are firm favourites, view our Steiff Classic 1905 Teddy Bear which has a very traditional look and is made from the finest mohair and is fully jointed. Call us on 01625 262 567 for more details.

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