Charlie Bears for Baby

Since February 2006, Willow Tree Bears have been the proprietors for some of the most cute and cuddly pals around. Not least of these, the magnificent range from Charlie Bears. Lovingly created by hand with passion and detail in every stitch, each one of these little fellows has been given the care and attention you’d expect them to receive, taking into account their wondrous, child-like charm and beauty. Designed by some of the most talented creative minds, founders Charlotte and William included, this ever growing range is perfect for whatever reason you require one of these little friends to take home. 

With a host of bears in each of our collections, there’s something for everyone. From our plush or knitted teddies, to the travel or bean bag buddies, these fantastic choices all have a loveable friend for everyone. And not forgetting of course, the Charlie Bears for Baby range. 

A perfect gift for the new born in your life, something they’ll treasure and keep for years to come, where, unlike their wall stickers, it won’t be grown out of. With a range of 8, 12 or 20 inch tall bears, there’s a buddy in here no matter how old your little one is, a friend they’ll grow to love and cherish. A brilliant place to get baby started is with one of our My First Charlie Bear plushes. Available 12 or 20 inches tall, with paw pads and a satin bow and in gorgeous honeycomb, or beautiful chocolate brown fur, these huggable, machine washable bears are a wonderful present idea, and even come in a collectable canvas bag. 

These lifelong friends will make the perfect addition to your collection, or an excellent present that will sustain sentimental value for the many years ahead. We all have that treasured childhood item we remember dragging everywhere with us, and one of our bears could be that very item for the child you know. Charlie Bears for Baby is an ideal gift, no matter what the occasion, that won’t ever be forgotten.