Charlie Bears Plush Teddy Bears

As a child, we all have memories of our favourite cuddly toy, the one thing that we just couldn’t go anywhere without, and ordinarily it would end up with a ripped ear or missing an eye after you’ve dragged it from one birthday party to the next over the years. For many children, Charlie bears become their best friend, their companion, a lifelong loved one to hold dear for many years. These bears have been created with love and care from the very start. They are designed to an impeccably high standard and you’ll find a wide range here at Willow Tree Bears. We have an easy to use and convenient website which allows you to peruse our collection at your leisure, taking time to carefully select the right Charlie bear for your family.

Since the first collection in 2006, Charlie bears have evolved to the impressive range that we have available today. Founders Charlotte and William Morris have a wealth of skills at their fingertips and utilise these to create each bear with love and attention to detail. 


Albert is a friendly Charlie bear. He measures 14 inches tall and is fully jointed so you can position him however you please. He has a stitched nose and mouth, which really portrays these prominent features, making him the perfect companion for any family. 


With his sweet looking face and soft plush exterior, Riley makes the perfect teddy bear. What makes him so unique is that he has been designed with magnets in his paws and above his eyes, so makes the perfect friend to play a game of peek-a-boo with! 

With the same sentiment that you hold for your favourite piece of antique silver jewellery, a child will have the same love for their favourite teddy bear, so invest in one of our Charlie bears today and they’ll be part of your family for life. Take a look at the impressive collection that we at Willow Tree Bears have available today on our website.