Charlie Bears – the perfect Christmas Gift

So you’ve got your list of people you have to buy Christmas gifts for… but what to buy them? Every Christmas is fraught with thoughts of what to get those special people in your life – feeling like you always have to top last years present! If you’re looking for that special gift that stands out from the crowd and one that will be remembered and treasured for years to come then why not consider giving a beautiful Charlie Bears teddy bear to someone special for Christmas? 

Here at Willow Tree Bears we sell a wide range of Charlie Bears for all ages. Whether you want to buy a special toy for your child’s first Christmas or you want to treat the special person in your life a bear they can enjoy for years to come you are sure to find the perfect Charlie Bear for Christmas.

We have an irresistible range of Charlie Bears specifically designed for babies and small children including Barley the lamb, Larlie and Fifi Bunny. As soon as you clap eyes on them it’s easy to see that any child would love one of these cute little toys, and it could easily be that special toy that never leaves their side through their first years.  

The Charlie Bears Plush Teddy Bears range is also a big hit, they are the sort of bear that can be loved and treasured for years and years to come, before being passed onto a sibling or their first child. Looking at the Plush Teddy Bear range it is clear to see the true beauty of the Charlie Bears. Parker by Charlie Bears is a gorgeous teddy with a mixture of ginger and white plush fur. Parker has magnets in his paws and above his eyes so he can be dangled from a bed or shelf and can take part in every baby’s favourite game – peek-a-boo. 

Be sure to browse our website and view all the stunning Charlie Bears we have to offer - you are sure to find the perfect bear for that perfect Christmas gift.