Limited Edition Steiff Bears – The Ultimate Christmas Gift

It won’t be long before the shops are filled with Christmas cards and wrapping paper and your TV screens are being bombarded with adverts for the latest toys and gadgets. So what do you get the 21st Century child, or even adult, that has everything? Well there is nothing wrong with going down the traditional route and getting that special present that they will remember forever and cherish for a lifetime. 

And what are those special presents we’re talking about? The stunning Steiff Bears of course, and not just any Steiff Bears, we have a range of Limited Edition Steiff Bears. So not only will you be giving the gift of a beautifully crafted bear, it will be something unique that very few people will be lucky enough to own. 

So which one do you choose? All our Charlie Bears have their own unique look so you are sure to be able to find one perfectly suited to the person you are buying for. The Steiff Teddy Bear Gold is a truly strikinSteiff Forrest Teddy Bearg bear; she is part of the Steiff enchanted forest selection and is made of gold sequin material and perfect for someone who liked a bit of glitter and glamour in their lives. 

If you’re looking for something a little less extravagant we have the Steiff Forrest Teddy Bear who has a very special story behind him. He is the emperor of the Forrest and wears a little tweed waistcoat and cravat and there is only 1,500 of him in the world. 

If you really want to bring that seasonal feel to your gift we have the Steiff Chantilly Teddy Bear, a very elegant white bear whose white lace appearance was inspired by snowy landscapes. The Steiff Romy Teddy Bear with her little red riding hood style dress topped with white fur and holly brings a truly Christmassy feel and could be the perfect present for someone special.

Make sure you order your limited edition Steiff Bear before they’re gone! If you can’t find the bear that you want you can always contact us and we can tell you if we will be getting any more in stock for you or if there is an option to pre order your bear.