Steiff Bears and Materials

Mohair – Lustrous, shiny and sleek

This natural material from the wool of the Angora goat is the classic Teddy bear material. In fact it was used for the first Teddy bears ever created. The fibre is both beautiful and durable, which accounts for the amazing number of vintage Steiff bears creations that appear today in superb condition. Most Teddy bears and animals in our current Classic range are made of mohair material. 

Alpaca – Soft, silky and lush.

Although the number of alpaca animals in the Steiff range has increased in recent years, the company discovered the material many years ago. Its resurgence in popularity is due to its wonderful feel and tremendous versatility. Alpaca can be used to create both soft Teddy bears and ultra-realistic animals.

Woven Fur-Cuddly, velvety and versatile.

Amazingly soft and natural feeling, this beautiful fabric is quite valuable. It is created through a unique three-dimensional weaving technique that involves inserting threads into cotton backing perpendicularly. The result is especially appropriate for huggable toys, though this sumptuous fabric is also used in our studio range of near life-size creatures.

Choosing the right bear for you is so important, as it may be with you for life, this is how long your bear may last. At Willow Tree Bears we always like to help and offer guidance in picking the right Teddy bear for you, whether it’s a birthday gift, Christening gift or just to add to your collection of lovable Steiff Bears, we are always here to help.