Steiff Famous Button in Ear

Original Collection

Every original Steiff animal with the world famous trademark, the Steiff “button in Ear”, shows that it comes from one of the best families – and every Steiff Tedd bear and Steiff animal proudly wears an ear tag as a clearly recognisable identification. Both big and small Steiff fans immediately recognise the yellow Steiff Bears ear tag with red writing. It shows that this is one of the many, wonderful animals and Teddy Bears from the wide, unlimited Steiff assortment – an unmistakeable original from the famous company with a long-standing tradition.

Limited Edition

All the animals and Teddy bears at Steiff are very please to receive the extraordinary distinction of the white ear tag with the red writing because these are produced in a limited edition. This means that only a limited number is available and some are only available in certain countries. Each of these limited edition Steiff animals with the white ear tag and the gold plated “button in Ear” also brings is new owner a certificate that insures the authenticity andf special status as a limited edition Steiff animal.

Selection Collection

Steiff presents modern lifestyle products under the label “Steiff Selection”. These are made from particularly luxurious materials at the Steiff production sites and fulfil the highest demands with their extraordinary design.

You will find all your favourite Steiff Bears at Willow Tree Bears from the Steiff Classic 1905 Teddy bear to the little favourite Lotte Teddy bear. We are always here to help with any queries.