The Hansa Collection from Willow Tree Bears

Hansa Tiger Cub

The Hansa Toy brand was founded in 1972 by Hans Axthelm, 31 years later and the Hansa brand is renowned for its truly beautiful and incredibly realistic cuddly animals. And here at Willow Tree Bears we are proud to offer a selection of these amazing creations to our customers. 

These animals are not only an excellent gift for a childhood they are also a favourite for collectors. Each animal in the Hansa collection is beautifully hand crafted, the fur is intricately hand trimmed to ensure a natural layered look that couldn’t be accomplished by machine. 

Be sure to check out the Hansa Collection from Willow Tree Bears, we have a variety of animals to choose from, from household favourites such as the Hansa Snow Rabbit, the Hansa Dachshund and the horse as well as slightly more exotic creatures like the beautiful Hansa Reindeer, the Tiger Cub and the Platypus.

Not forgetting the irresistible Hansa Orangutan, he is incredibly cuddly and made from very realistic and luxurious plush. His hands, face and feet are all made from a slightly darker, velvety plush. The Koala and the Meerkat are two more Hansa creations that are hard to ignore.

Each Hansa Animal comes with a hang tag that includes lots if information about the animal including information about their natural habitat as well as facts about what they eat and what age they are when they have their young.

You’re sure to find the ideal gift or the perfect addition to your collection, here at Willow Tree Bears we are always looking for new bears to add to our own collection so if there is anything in particular you are looking for please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.